What does Petite Size mean?

What does Petite Size mean?

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What does the term “petite” mean to you? Check out this wonderful article where Van Pham explains what petite really means. Maybe this can help when choosing certain types of clothes for your body frame.

Originally posted on Fashion For Petites:

Petite is a French word that literally translates to English as small or little. But what does Petite size mean in fashion?

When we…

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Are You Up for the Challenge?

Are You Up for the Challenge?

I am already counting down the days until summer! To be honest, I was ready for spring, but I wasn’t ready for this weather. I mean one minute, it’s raining, the next it’s hailing, and oh yesterday, I saw little snow flurries! I was ready for the warm weather, the occasional rainy days, and finally seeing the sun. Well, since I can’t have that just yet…I am going to work with what I have now. :)

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